Meet the Comet Family

Sep 19, 1977

1st Generation

Comet Press

Nelse and Joyce Hendricks bought Comet Press in Downtown Littleton armed with elbow grease and real printing grease. A thriving print shop, Nelse and Joyce began thinking about retirement after the millennium.

Nov 18, 2017

Getting hitched

the shop

Brian Wilke met Lisa Hendricks, Nelse and Joyce’s daughter, at a now-gone brewery near DU. They hatched a plan – get hitched and keep the press in the family by turning “The Shop” into a brewery and taproom.

Jul 24, 2021

The Birth of

Comet Brews

Armed with elbow grease and no other grease because that would be gross in beer, Comet Brews keeps the Comet Press traditions alive.

Crafted in CO

Born & Bred

From Us to You

Brian and Lisa were both born and bred in CO. Lisa grew up at The Shop in Littleton, while Brian hails from that island surrounded by reality, Boulder. Moving away briefly taught them how much they love everything about CO, and they hope to bring that love to Comet Brews and everything that we do.

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